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Based in Isle sur la Sorgue not far from Avignon and easy motorway access, we have a strong local supplier base with a wide range of products from France and other countries such as Spain and Morocco.


We also have other suppliers throuout France for products such as carrots from the Landes region, and produce from the Alps, Loire and Perigord regions.


We have worked with some of our suppliers for many years which means we have confidence in the quality of their work.


Apricots - apples - asparagus - aubergines - butternuts -carrots - cauliflower - cherries - chestnuts - clementines - courgettes - cucumber - dates - figs - grapes - kiwifruit - melons - mistletoe - nectarines - oranges - parsley - peaches - pears - peppers - plums - potatoes - pumpkins - salads - spinach - sweet corn - tomatoes 


Not in the list?  Ask us anyway!

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